Meet Our Digital Agency Team

If you’re after talent, we’ve got enough to put Sam Smith to shame
(our founder’s fave singer!)

Meet our awesome team below, and learn all about our digital marketing skills and experiences…
as well as a few fun facts! (If you’re after more fun, take our digital marketing quiz!)

Monica Mizzi, Disruptive Digital Marketing's Founder

Monica Mizzi
Founder + Legal Pro / Head Glutton

Monica is Disruptive Digital Marketing’s founder, CMO, and self-appointed head glutton. She has a background predominantly in search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing, but has a knack for writing killer copy as well. Not one to box herself in, she’s lent her digital marketing prowess to a rather unusual mix of industries including blockchain, travel, law, and even pets! Due to her know-how, her clients now enjoy #1 and first page rankings for many of their target keywords. She also achieved a +200% increase in new website session visits for more than a few clients’ websites—to name a few achievements!

Some fun facts about Monica

Can be often found: Enamored by a bowl of food, or coming up with zany inventions to pitch at Shark Tank one day.
Likes: Pizza, traveling, and language learning…did she mention pizza?
Dislikes: Mushrooms and terrible stand up.

Joyce Chou, Disruptive Digital Marketing's Content Diretcor

Joyce Chou
Content Director + Finance Pro / Hiking Extraordinaire

Joyce is Disruptive Digital Marketing’s Content Director and resident finance expert. Originally from New Hampshire, she started out her writing career as a grant writer and program assistant for education nonprofits in both Houston and Taipei. Always eager to learn something new, Joyce soon dove into search engine optimization and content marketing. It’s a switch that proved fruitful. As a content writer, her specialty is synthesizing research and communicating it in layman’s terms. To date, she has written both long- and short-form guides about finance, as well as digital marketing, health, and fitness.

Some fun facts about Joyce
Can be often found: Enjoying some dessert, hiking the great outdoors, and painting.
Likes: Cute animal videos and breakfast foods.
Dislikes: Cilantro.
Alex Potter, Disruptive Digital Marketing's Content Strategist

Content Strategist + Health Care Pro / Gig Organizing Wiz

A content creator, communications strategist, and branding guru in one, Alex is brimming with talent. While she specializes in the health care sector, she has also worked across the publishing, production, non-profit, and tech sectors. Keen to create platforms for diverse voices, she uses her passion for content creation and marketing as the co-producer of What She Said; Sydney’s first and only weekly all women’s comedy night. She also writes scripts for a London-based film company and is writing a series of children’s books. Prior to media, she studied Forensic Science and Applied Chemistry.

Some fun facts about Alex
Can often be found: Knitting jumpers, running tech at gigs and patting dogs.
Likes: Marinated artichokes, traveling, and patting dogs.
Traffic, pine nuts, and not patting dogs.

Zane Huffman
Content Expert + Tech Pro / Game Slayer

Zane is a rare breed of writer who can seamlessly communicate highly-technical subjects with a range of audiences. A tech writer who has spent more than five years in the cryptocurrency industry, Zane has cemented himself a go-to expert in the industry. He has worked with dozens of projects and agencies on everything from reporting on breaking news and blogging to creating website and whitepaper content. A gamer at heart, his specific passion in the field is blockchain gaming. Outside of crypto, Zane is completing his degree in economics and computer science.

Some fun facts about Zane

Can be often found: Completely immersed in a game of League of Legends or Rocket League.
Likes: Indie music, coding, boba tea, dogs, pineapple on pizza, and dank memes.
Dislikes: Cold climates, bad drivers, and slow internet.
Heidi Chen, Disruptive Digital Marketing's Social Media Director

Heidi Chen
Social Media Director / Expert Trip Planner

Known for her imaginative approach to social media, our Social Media Director Heidi has over a decade of experience spearheading social media campaigns across a variety of platforms. She has had considerable success transforming clients’ social media presence, as evidenced when she exceeded her client’s expectations by taking an Instagram account from 0 followers to nearly half a million. Unbelievably, she did this completely organically in only 12 months! She holds a Master of Communication, which combined with her sharp eye for design makes her a complete asset.  

Some fun facts about Heidi
Can often be found: Scrolling through Instagram with some sangria by the pool.
Likes: Exploring different cultures and going on adventures near and far way from home.
Spiders and snakes.
Constanza Mahuzier, Disruptive-Digital Marketing's Social Media Chief Strategist

Constanza Mahuzier
Social Media Chief Strategist / Gym Junkie

Who better than a social media influencer with a background in business development and marketing to overhaul your social media strategy? That’s Constanza to a tee! She has the inside scoop on what it takes to grow an account, build an engaged following, and create an online presence people trust and want to talk about. She’s helped countless companies to find their audience, increase brand awareness, and drive business through social media. Her expertise has lead to clients’ web traffic increases of over 300% purely through content creation and distribution through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Some fun facts about Constanza

Can be often found: Killing it at the gym or laying on the couch eating cereal and scrolling through Instagram. There’s no in between.

Likes: Starbucks, salsa dancing, and editing photos.

Dislikes: Anything bitter and animal print.

Sarah Hunt, Disruptive Digital Marketing's Event Marketer

Sarah Hunt
Event Marketer / Epic Flautist

Sarah is Disruptive Digital Marketing’s Event Marketer. Boasting a resume that puts most to shame, she’s worked with the likes of Disney and major art festivals. She has a real flair for the Arts, having focused her career on campaigns for arts organisations and festivals across the east coast of Australia, and as far as Tasmania. Although she specialises in social media, with a wealth of experience in customer service on social media platforms, Sarah’s skills expand beyond digital into outdoor and peer-to-peer campaigns. In short, Sarah knows exactly how to create a memorable campaign that gets people talking.

Some fun facts about Sarah

Can be often found: At a show or shooting hoops.
Likes: Basketball, brunch, and a good gig.
Dislikes: People that stand that little bit too close on the train.

Thomas Cytrynowicz
Videographer / Thrill Seeker

When you’re after a captivating video or image to bring your brand to life, you need the best of the best. That’s Thomas. An award-winning freelance photographer and filmmaker, as well as a co-founder of a multimedia production company, Thomas is highly skilled in videography, photojournalism, and fine art projects. Thomas has walked the walk, having interned at the Associate Press, among other achievements. With a plethora of features in online publications and magazines, he has proven the uncompromising power of conveying human emotion and experiences through multimedia.

Some fun facts about Thomas

Can be often found: Looking for danger on the back of a motorcycle.
Likes: The sound of walking on pebbles, Taiwanese street food and Persian music.
Alarm clocks and damp clothes.

Jazz Rosende
Community Manager / Pokemon Expert

Our Community Manager Jazz is professionally trained in a range of verbal and visual forms of communications. From writing technical tutorials and designing print materials, to drafting film scripts and creating wardrobes as a fashion stylist, she’s done it all. After dabbling with aviation, banking and finance, retail, real estate, SaaS, blockchain, and every industry in between, Jazz is now devoted to focus on sustainability and social justice. She is currently researching the role of soils in slowing down climate change, all the while keeping her community management skills sharp.

Some fun facts about Jazz
Can often be found: Cheese, tea, and puns.
Likes: Anywhere with interesting people and ideas, i.e. not Facebook.
Dislikes: Single-use plastic.

Rebecca Gourrier, Disruptive Digital Marketing's Product Marketer

Rebecca Gourrier
Product Marketer / Yoga Addict

A media relations expert who works in product marketing for a leading tech gear company, Rebecca possesses a number of impressive professional and personal qualities. In addition to her understanding of Chinese and Taiwanese culture and her background in the modelling and fashion industry, she is an expert in content creation, newsletters, and product marketing. To name but a few achievements, she created a brand imagery guide for influencers and has conducted effective brand awareness campaigns through influencer marketing on Youtube and Instagram, Facebook advertising, and email marketing.

Some fun facts about Rebecca

Can be often found: Doing yoga poses shamelessly in unusual parts of town.

Likes: Drinking tea and scrolling through Pinterest for DIY hair masks and  recipes.

Dislikes: Mosquitoes, and losing at Mario Kart.